Monday, September 15, 2014

It's beginning to feel like fall

Fall time is my favorite time of year. I love the cool temperatures (normally very welcomed after the hot summer, but this summer was oddly cool and wet). I love the smells and colors. We had to turn the heat on last night too! Never turned it on this early in the season. It is still summer! Fall doesn't start until the 23rd.

The cool weather loving plants/flowers of mine are in heaven. Normally I would have pulled the petunias by now and plant mums instead, but the petunias have decided to bloom again. My black one is going bonkers right now. I am going to attempt to save it and see if it will come back in the spring. Doubt it will work, but you never know.

Grilling some steak for dinner last night. Not to many more grilling days left. We are one of those that closes up the grill and don't use it during the winter. We get too much snow at times and don't want to dig out the grill to cook. If I had no choice, I would though. I can't wait till we can cook some cold weather foods, like casseroles and soups. Things I don't ever cook in the summer. My oven never turns on in the summer. Well only once, to make cupcakes for Matt's birthday.

My garden is pretty much done. Only some tomatoes left and an occasional lone cucumber. I pulled all the butternut squash the other day and will process it soon. We didn't plant this much, so we didn't get much. I will have to change that next year. Not to mention they are smaller than normal. We plant a bush variety, so it is smaller than other Waltham Butternut Squash, but they were smaller than the normal bush kind. At least we have some. Hubby is the only one who enjoys it.

The hubby and I are already making plans on what to do next year in the garden to improve it. I keep mental notes all spring/summer long of what to change, not to do, etc.

Our homeschool year is in full swing. We are still adjusting our days now that we have added a homeschool archery class that falls on different days/times of the week. It makes planning a little difficult. We are not child directed learners/unschoolers. I do wish we could be, I love the idea, but I know my son and know he would never learn things he needs to learn.

Well, time to get back to my day. Took a little time while Matt was taking a chapter test in history to type this post up.


  1. I am really enjoying this fall weather!!! A nice break from the heat. This morning I cleaned out my wood stove ... a job I should have done in the spring, however I kind of liked cleaning it out in anticipation of USING it instead of in anticipation of closing it up for the summer :)

    Butternut squash has to be our favourite squash ... well, maybe it ties with hubbard. We use it with so many things, 'pumpkin' pie, 'pumpkin' bars, 'pumpkin' pancakes, waffles, bread, etc. Very versatile and super tasty ... and healthy.

    This was my first time here so I'll have to look around a little. Have a great day!
    Joanne in SW MO

  2. I forgot to hit the 'notify me' button :)


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