Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekly Goals

I fully intended to do this post yesterday, but I was dealing with dr visits and other medical stuff for me. I'm feeling better, but am on prednisone for 10 days to help with my breathing.

Last week I got most of my goals done. I made the laundry soap right after I put the post up. It filled three quart jars. I am thinking of getting a couple more Zote soap bars to fill up the other three quarts I have set aside for the soap.

I am done making tomato sauce, thank goodness. As much as I enjoy eating pasta, I hate the smell of tomatoes cooking. It grosses me out big time. I have almost enough to last us a year, not bad.

I did not get around to making breadcrumbs or croutons. This will be added to my list for this week.

I made a bunch of apple sauce using brown sugar and cinnamon. I normally make mine plain, but I saw this recipe on The Pioneer Woman site that I wanted to try. It was okay, but I am going to change the sugar to white sugar to see if I like it better. It is also thicker than I normally like it, more like an apple butter.

I also dehydrated a bunch of apples, but not all of them. It takes 6 hours to dry them out and I only have the 5 drawer Excalibur dehydrator. I need to get the 9 drawer one, should have got it in the first place, but didn't think I would use all 9 drawers at once.

On to this weeks goals:

1. Change the warm weather clothes out for the cold weather clothes. This is only done with Matt's clothes. We have built in drawers in our room that we keep our clothes in. I also have a dresser in the closet that I keep my winter shirts in. Matt has no room for a dresser in his room, so we keep his dresser in our room. It also holds our tv, so that works. We keep the out of season clothes in a large hamper next to the dresser in case he needs something from it.

2. Make breadcrumbs. I am skipping the croutons this time, mostly because the bread is totally dried out and would make horrible croutons at this point. I am going to grind up all the bread and store them in gallon ziplock bags in our chest freezer in the shed. I have no room in the house chest freezer and no more large containers to put them in.

3. Finish dehydrating apples. I still have one bag of utility apples to dehydrate. It takes time to do this, so it will take a bit. I dry them for 6 hours and because I do not have a timer on my dehydrator (another thing I need to change if I get another dehydrator), I can only dehydrate during the day. What I need to do is get up earlier than 9am to start them that way I can do two batches during the day.

4. Put away all canning equipment. Now that canning season is over for me, it is time to put all my canners, jars and other tools related to canning away. I keep all my canning jars in large clear tubs. I need to replace the cardboard that I have dividing up each level of jars. I also need to find room for my new to me pressure canner. Now I have two pressure canners and one dedicated to boil water bath.

5. Organize kitchen. After a summer of canning and putting things up and cooking, my kitchen is a bit of a mess. We never use the table in it, so it is a collection spot for everything. I need to put all that stuff away and try to keep it cleared off. Maybe use it for homeschooling because we can't fit at it to eat together.

What goals do you have for the week?

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