Thursday, October 9, 2014

Matt's Archery Shoot 4 Score

Matt has been taking an archery class with some homeschool kids this year. Matt have been doing archery off and on since he was like 7 or 8, so he had a little head start on some of the kids.

The club he is part of is a Joad group. Every 6 week or so (although this was more like 4 or 5 weeks now) the kids have an option to shoot and be scored to earn a pin and a certificate. Then the kids move up a little. The score they are aiming for goes by the type of bow(recurve or compound) and if there is a sight on the bow, as well as the distance they are shooting at.

For example, Matt uses a compound bow with a sight and was shooting at 15 meters (I know it was 15 something), so he had a goal of 180 points to get. Some of the kids using recurve bows without sights had to get 130 points.

Another mom and I were in charge of scoring. She scored Matt, while I scored her son, just in case hehe. Not that we would cheat. Another mom was nice enough to take pictures of all the kids shooting today. So grateful for that! So here are a few pictures of our day yesterday. I tried to pic the pictures that didn't show the other kids faces.

Matt with his line of kids. He is the tallest, if you can't tell. The little ones make him look so tall. I think he is taller than all the moms, but still like an inch or so shorter than me. He is also the oldest. Ages range from 2ish to 14. Notice the orange line down near their feet. They had to have one foot on either side of that line in order for the shoot to count.

Here they are aiming. Notice the difference between the bows. Matt's is a compound all set up for hunting. The other boys have compound bows, but they are basic starter bows with nothing fancy on them. They are aiming for the large target in the background.

As I said before, Matt had a goal of 180 points to get, as you can tell from the picture, he scored well above that goal and then some. He got 303 points. Now he moves back to shoot at 20, which will raise his next shoot to score goal points. Not sure how many points though. The "A" was the line he was in. We had 4 lines yesterday because the little ones and the ones in the shoot for score were shooting as well. This made for a long day. Fun, but long.

Here he is with his certificate and the pin he got. All excited and ready to move up (well back) in the range. He is holding the tag with his pin on it upside down for some reason. The sun was in our eyes so to get him smiling and not squinting was a pain.

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