Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekly Goals

The goals from last week got done pretty early on, so I had more time to work on the quilt for baby Bella. I didn't have much 8th grade books left from Chantelle, but I have almost all for 9th grade. We are still talking about the school issues and homeschooling again. I really hope that the hubby decides to go ahead and let me.

I have my list of gifts to make and buy for the kids in the family. For the ones that are getting gift cards, I will make a little bag to put the cards in. My nieces on the hubby's side get gift cards. They have so many toys and other things that I have no clue what to get them. I tend to buy them one outfit and the gift card so they or their mom can pick out a nice gift. I know, boring, but it is what the moms ask for.

My magazines are neater. I didn't realize how much they took over my house. I am still finding them in little nooks and stuff. In fact, I am looking at a basket right now that has a few of Chantelle's magazines when she was staying here. Those will be tossed in a minute.

My Thanksgiving menu is all planned out and the dessert that I am taking to my sisters is picked out. I will be making a few more to keep here at home for us to eat for the week.

My Advent calendar and the list of activities and Bible readings are almost done. All I need to do is get the garland and when I put it up, I can add the little pockets for the calendar. I can't wait to see how it looks when I am done with it.

Now, on to this weeks goals.

1. Stock up on baking items like flour, chocolate chips, molasses. Also pick up a few turkeys. Now that we have another freezer, I am able to buy and keep a few extra turkeys when I can get them on sale. I also need to make my list of homemade yumminess to gift to the family and neighbors.

2. Continue to clean out shed and move the new chest freezer into it and plug in. We have no room in the house to keep it and I don't want it on the porch, so it is going to move in the shed. It will also be protected from the elements in there too.

3. Clean up the desk area. I have been asking and waiting for the hubby to do this, seeing how the mess is his, but it has been a month and nothing has been done. Soo, I will do it. That way I won't have to complain about the way he does it. This is also the first area you see when you walk into the house, so I have hated to see it so messy. Makes me feel like the rest of the house is a mess too, even though it is not.

4. Move the big bookcase in the living room over. I need to be able to fit the Christmas tree in the corner, so this big bookshelf needs to move over a bit. I also need to figure out a way to attach the tree to the wall, just in case the cats decide to climb it and knock it over.

5. Continue to work on homemade gifts for the family. I don't have much to make this year, unlike last year, so this should be done soon. I also have a few patterns cut out to make toys for the cats.

What goals do you have planned for the week?

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