Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Goals

I can't believe that November is here all ready. Where on earth did October go? I swear the days go by faster now that I am no longer working. I did get most of my goals done last week, along with a few that were on the honey do list for the hubby.

I sewed one side of the binding on the blanket and they pinned the other to hand sew shut. This will take me a couple of days or so to do.

All spring bulbs are planted. I even managed to divide them up to be planted into three different areas of the garden. I also got my blueberry bushes last week, so those were planted too.

The venison came to us all wrapped up in nice small meal sized packets. Only issue I had was that I needed to unwrap them to put them in the foodsaver bags to suck the air out of them. The meat was wrapped up in plastic wrap and it was a pain to get off. I made my first meal with the venison last night. It was yummy and the boys gobbled it up big time.

Most of the garden things are in storage. We are looking to get a little shed cabinet thing to put all the shovels, rakes, etc in to keep them here at home. We also need to go through the millions of tomato cages and toss the broken ones.

Ya, so I never managed to work on my bookshelves. One of these days this month I will though.

Now on to this weeks goals:

1. Go through the rest of the homeschool books to see what I have for 8th grade and up. The hubby and I were talking about taking Matt out of school and homeschool him again. I am not liking the changes that the schools are doing up here. Google Core Curriculum to see what I am talking about. Basically it is going to dumb down all the kids and teach all the kids the same way instead of implementing things and alternative work and tests to the kids who need them. Matt has an IEP and has been in need of help with his reading and comprehension of what he reads. The Core Curriculum will eliminate the special education help. I see so many kids falling behind, failing and never making it in the "real world".  Plus hubby said it will be easier to have Matt home because then we can plan our vacations for anytime and not just during the school vacations and I don't have to plan my days around when I have to pick him up from the Homework Club after school.

2. Make up a list of the homemade Christmas gifts to make and make up a shopping list for the things I may need to buy for them. I try to give my kids mostly homemade gifts for Christmas. It is hard now that Matt is older and only really wants video games. He still loves building forts, so my mom is making him a fort building kit for him. Chantelle got mostly bought things this year, but I got them for discounts so that is always good. For the things that I do buy, I pay with cash. We have no credit cards and when we did have them, they only got used to pay for bills. Gifts are always bought with cash so that we never have holiday debt.

3. Now that Halloween is over, I go into holiday mode. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to plan my meals for Thanksgiving. I am just having dad down this year, but we are all meeting at my sisters for desert, so I need to figure out something to bring. I always make more food than we need to eat. Leftovers are good. Turkeys are starting to go on sale now, and with the additional chest freezer, I am able to grab a few more turkeys and put them in the freezer to eat year long. I will do the same with hams around Easter time.

4. Work on the Advent calendar. Every year we do a little countdown to Christmas. Something different every year. This year I am also adding daily devotions and Bible readings for the whole family. I have a nice list of the Bible readings and bought a Kindle version of a daily devotion. it is for kids, but seeing how Matt had pretty much no religion growing up, it will be good for him.

5. Organize my magazines. I have a ton of subscriptions to magazines. Most I did not pay for, thanks to the Coke Rewards thing that I do. The hubby drinks way to much soda, but I use the codes on the Coca cola products to get points. I save these points to get items or magazine subscriptions. I got Matt a nice 5 in 1 wireless headset for Christmas. A few years ago I got season one of Glee on dvd. The magazines I do pay for are mostly homesteading types. These I want to keep, so I need to toss those that don't apply after I read them and organize the ones I will be keeping in nice binders.

What do you have for weekly goals this week?

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