Monday, January 12, 2015

Picking Seeds For This Years Garden

My favorite time of year is coming closer. Right now my favorite seed catalogs have arrived. The first two are my most favorite, Baker Creek Seeds and Territorial Seeds. I don't need many seeds and one of these days I will learn how to save my own seeds so I don't have to buy anymore. Some seeds I am not going to try to save, like carrots, tomatoes and peppers. I have had no luck growing tomatoes and peppers from seed, so I will keep buying them in plants from Burpee.

Working on what I will be ordering. First up are Danvers Half Long Carrots from Baker Creek. I have a little bit of these seeds leftover from last year, but I want to plant a bunch more, so I need more seeds. Check out my post on how I store my seeds. It's funny to look at the picture of the bucket that held all the pill bottles last year compared to what I have this year.

I sure have gathered a lot of seeds. Our garden was a lot bigger this past year than the year before, so lots more room to grow new things. The packets up at the top of the picture are empty. I keep them and put them in my garden journal for reference. Here is my garden journal from last year.

I'll be placing my seed order in about 3 week or so. Waiting for our tax refund to come in first. Not that I plan on spending a bunch of money, but when I order my tomato and pepper plants, I will spend about 150.00 or so.

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