Sunday, January 11, 2015

Learning How to Crochet

A little bit before Christmas, my sister taught me some basic crochet stitches, enough to get a basic understanding. Living on YouTube after taught me more. I love video tutorials. I can pause them and watch again if I don't understand a stitch. I am a very visual person, so watching how something is done helps me out. Looking at a book is no help in this case.

I figured my right hand (my dominate hand) would bother me a lot. Crochet may not be the best thing for someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I am figuring out what makes me feel better. I bought ergonomic hooks to help me grip them better. For the first couple days my left hand hurt, not my right. My left holds the yarn and doesn't seem to move as much as my right. The lack of moving and holding something makes it stiff and sore.

I saw this beautiful blanket made out of nothing but granny squares and I knew I wanted to make one like it, only using greens and blues. It is the colors in my bedroom. So I learned how to make a granny square. So easy! I have a little problem getting my tension 100% right, but I cant stand having the yard wrapped around my fingers. So far I have 15 done in this really pretty green blue color. I am going to get a few other colors that compliment this one. It may not be perfect, but it will bethe first blanket I ever crocheted.

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