Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why you should always keep a fully stocked First Aid kit

A little accident my son had a couple of weekends ago reminded me why it is a good thing to always have a fully stocked first aid kit. We have one for the house, one in each of our cars and my son has one in his Boy Scout camping trunk.

Matt and the hubby were putting in the storm windows and then wrapping the windows in that plastic shrink wrap stuff. Anything to help keep our 1969 mobile home warmer in the winter. They were in Matt's tiny room putting the storm window in when I herd what I though was a broken light or dish, not the window itself.

Matt had put the window on his bed while he got onto the bed to put the window in. The window is behind his headboard. He must have tripped or loss his balance or something, because the crash was his hand and arm going through the storm window. The hubby was right there and told Matt not to move and slowly helped Matt up and got his arm out of the window with nothing major happening to it.

Yes, he does have quite a few cuts, some that took sometime to stop bleeding. Nothing that needed stitches. He lucked out for sure. No normal band-aids were going to work, so gauze pads it was. Thankfully I had just restocked them after Matt had another accident involving his leg. Boys will be boys. The only thing I could not find was my ace bandages. I had two of them back when my daughter broke her elbow, twice. The paper tape to hold the gauze bandages on only does so much, and seeing how I had a large area to cover, I wanted to use the ace bandages to wrap around the gauze. I just used extra tape instead.

Now to hit Walmart and get some more ace bandages.

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