Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hope You Had A Happy Thanksgiving

The snow for the most part had stopped early in the morning of Thanksgiving. We got about 7 inches of snow before it turned to a snow frozen rain mix. It was a very heavy wet snow, perfect for making a snowman. Or in my nieces case, a snow turkey. LOL Isn't it cute?

We had a snow shower all day that gave us about another inch of fluffy stuff. The snow looks so pretty stuck to all the trees. Don't you think so? These trees are at the end of my street. I took it while in the car so it's not the best.

This is my favorite house. It is around the corner from me. It is so pretty in the spring and summer. The roof is all covered in moss. No one lives in it. I think it is being used as storage now. I just hope it doesn't get taken down. I love the old time charm to it. Don't you?

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