Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crazy Weather

Yesterday was beautiful. It was in the low 60's and sunny. Our sunset was gorgeous as well.

Loads of pinks, purples and blues. Love it. Not more than 24 hours later it looks completely different out. It's in the low 30's Started as rain and quickly changed to snow.

It's been snowing for 4 hours now. We have about 2 inches so far with up to 10 expected. We live near the coast of NH, so I expect a little less. This is going to make getting to MA for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow interesting. We won't be driving my new car because it is front wheel drive. The hubby has a big truck with 4 wheel drive.

I had the flash on for the snow picture for some reason, but it makes some of the flakes sparkle like stars. This is the view out my backdoor. I will take more of the trees in the backyard tomorrow. The snow is the perfect snowman snow. I already brought in a snowball for the cats to check out and they ended up fighting over it. Typical kids. LOL

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