Monday, November 3, 2014

Getting the garden ready for winter

I have been slacking seriously this year with getting the garden ready for winter. Normally by mid October everything is done. With Starting a new homeschool year and still trying to figure out our daily schedule, I haven't really done anything.

This is what the yard looked like last week. So embarrassing. I started to pull the weeds the day I took these pictures. It was easier to pull them when they are dead. The garden was crazy with weeds this year. I decided not to mulch this year. A mistake I learned the hard way. I only got about a quarter of it done before I was forced to stop. My hands were starting to cramp and my hips were killing me. Hate having RA. It interrupts my life.

I did manage to get the strawberry bed put to rest though, thankfully. It is all covered in straw all ready for snow. Speaking of snow, we had our first flakes falling yesterday, but nothing stuck, thank goodness. Its been a rainy snow mix weekend, so nothing got done outside. Figures, when the hubby and I have nothing planned over the weekend (other than scouts on Sunday afternoon), the weather decides to be moody and uncooperative. We were going to pull the rest of the weeds, till and mulch the big bed, the blueberry bushes and all the flower beds.

I don't even have my garlic planted. Not that planting the garlic will take long. I ordered Elephant Garlic to try and all I got was two huge cloves. Kinda ticked me off that I paid 10.00 for two, but if they grow as big as they say they will, I will have more to plant next year. It might be a couple of years before I have enough to keep, unless I want to spend more money and risk it. I really did not have luck this year with garlic, but it was also my first year growing it.

Hoping that the winds die down today so that I can get more yard work done and hopefully finish the big bed. So much to do.

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