Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vietnam War Lapbook

We gave up our history curriculum about a month after we started it. Matt was not remembering anything in it and it was torture for both of us to do it. I asked him what he wants to learn for history. The Vietnam War was one of those things.

I found a couple of books for my Kindle for him to read. One was 10,000 Days of Thunder. It was written by a soldier who was actually there. It is from his point of view, but includes the history of  pretty much the whole war. Matt really enjoyed it. This coming from a kid who hates to read.

We made the Vietnam War Lapbook by Knowledge Box Central. We made a ton of lapbooks when he was younger and first being homeschooled. Of course I no longer have those books. I love how there are little booklets throughout, Matt needs little work at a time. He learns best with small shorter lessons. He retains the info much better. Matt did 2 booklets a day and it took us a month to do the whole lapbook.

The cover of the lapbook. The picture came from inside the study guide in the pack. I made the title using Pic Monkey.

Abby just had to come see what I was doing. I had the lapbook on the sofa opened up to take pictures of it for this post. Little miss "I have to be involved in everything you do" was playing with some of the booklets.

First folder that you see when it opens up.

The second folder. Only thing we did not do was make the recipe that came with the pack. It's the can looking booklet on the right hand side flap. I thought it sounded gross and it used a lot of cans of beans, so I didn't want to waste anything if it was gross.

Last folder. Matt didn't finish the word search puzzle. He has a hard time doing them. I love doing them and can find the words pretty fast.

The back cover. This is also a picture from the study guide in the lapbook pack.

We finished up our Vietnam War unit by watching "Good Morning Vietnam" and "We Were Soldiers" on Netflix.

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