Monday, August 4, 2014

Canning green beans

My bush beans and pole beans both came in at the same time this year. I have been snipping and snapping beans pretty much every night. Both of the cats have been helping too, Abby the most though.

Yes, she was chewing on the stem. I snapped a good portion of that bean off for her to play with.

Checking out the stems and bad beans.

Checking out the snipped and snapped beans. She is so noise. Has to know everything that is going on.

All snipped and snapped and cleaned. I had three big bowls full of beans the first night.

Spending my nights snippin and snapping while watching the news. Weather was on at the time. hehe

I was able to find another pressure cooker (the one on the left) at a yard sale for 10.00! She only used it once to make jam. I bought new rubber gaskets and over pressure plugs for both canners, just in case. I know she put the lid on wrong to store the canner (it was not upside down like it is suppose to be when stored). Plus mine could use a new gasket and plug. It's been a few years or so since I got the canner. Having the extra canner made the process of canning veggies so much faster.

First load of beans done. 14 pints barely dented one bowl of beans. I have three bowls total to go and more still on the poles. Good thing we love green beans.


  1. What a great find! It is the same one I have. I love it. I will be getting ready to can corn and green beans soon. Since the deer and other various animals ate all our garden we will be supporting our local farmers. There is nothing better than pulling a jar off the shelf in the winter.

    1. I have been buying corn and blueberries like crazy at the farm up the street from me. So yummy and I know where it comes from and if they use pesticides or not. Luckily they are organic. I had 5 jars of beans left over from last year, but that is okay. Nothing goes to waste.


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