Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 ~ 2015 Homeschool Curriculum

We have finally narrowed down what we will be doing this year. I am still working on the lesson plans for geography, but everything else is done and getting dusty waiting for our year to start. Here is what Matt will be using for his 8th grade year.

Math ~ Saxon 8/7 ~   Matt should be in pre-algebra or algebra, but because of the Core Curriculum Standards that my state has adopted, he is now behind in math where he was ahead when we put him in school in 4th grade. He tested into 8/7 this year so hopefully he will do well. We had always used Saxon with him, so hopefully it won't be difficult for him to remember. We just have to get him away from the ridiculous way the CCS have kids doing math.

Science ~ Apologia Physical Science ~   I love this science series. Both my kids did them when they were both homeschooled. This text is saved from my daughter, so it is not the newest, more colorful edition, but that is ok. We are also using notebooking pages for the On You Own questions, drawings, labs and study guides. We are also using the Sahm I Am! website for videos and other ideas.

History ~ BJU American Republic ~   I got this used at a yard sale a few months ago. It isn't the most recent edition, so I will have to add to it to bring it more up to date. I am also adding a study on the presidents of the United States as well.

Geography ~ Trail Guide to US Geography & Great States ~  Because we are studying American from Columbus to today, I figured we will add in learning about the geography of our country and each state. We have also joined a 50 states postcard swap group on Facebook.

Language Arts ~ BJU Writing & Grammar 8 ~ Love the thorough grammar that is broken down into small lessons, but don't care for the writing. That is where our writing curriculum ~ Jump In ~ comes into play. This is new to us and looks really good. It lasts us two years, so that is a bonus. I also add in vocabulary through ~ Wordly Wise 3000 book 8 ~. We will also be doing the free games and pronunciation word lists on the Wordly Wise website.

Bible ~ Leading Little Ones to God ~ Matt has had pretty much no religion growing up. My fault, but now we are on a new path and I want him to know about God and all the wonderful things he does. Reading just the Bible to him will confuse him I think. I want him to know the stories I grew up with as well as who God and Jesus are. I thought this book would be too little for him, by the title alone, but I think it will be the perfect introduction to religion. It has a little lesson to read and questions to answer after it. I see it opening up more questions too.

Extra-Curricular ~ Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum ~ Matt needs more typing instructions, more than the half year he got last year in school. I took typing lessons for years in school and they have helped me a ton. This is geared for kids up to 12 or so, but it is full of games that I know Matt will enjoy. Nature Study will also be added in. It is something we naturally do anyway.

I am still trying to decide if we will add art study this year or not. I do have a few idea that we used in the past. We have always done a Charlotte Mason style art study in the past. It was simple, but worked and my daughter learned from it.


  1. My daughter learned best from the Charlotte Mason method. This year for her we are going to use the Prairie Primer focusing on the Laura Ingalls Wilder Books. My son is in the Abeka Academy via the DVD's. This is what I love best about homeschooling, you can use different things for each child to focus on how they learn best.

    1. Charlotte Mason method was a perfect fit for my daughter too. She loves to read so it was no problem to get her to sit and curl up with a book. She did Ambleside Online and enjoyed it. My son has been in public school for the past 4 years, so relearning what his learning style will happen all year long. I got mostly textbooks for him this year because that is what he was use to at school. He does better one on one, so homeschooling is the perfect option for him.


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