Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wildflowers around the homestead

As my veggie garden is winding down (lots of cool nights have been making it end sooner than I wanted), the wildflowers are coming up all over. They are beautiful. I only know what one of them is. The rest, maybe you can help me identify.

This one I know, Queen Anne's Lace

This one has pretty orange flowers that kind of look like a bell.

Purple flowers, similar to lavender.

This one has light purple flowers that are kind of fuzzy.

So, if any of you know what the last three plants are, please, let me know.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Those are such lovely blooms. I tried searching for them on the web using image search, but I got no hits aside from your own blog, of course. Hahaha! Maybe a close-up pic would do better. Anyway, I'm guessing that the lavender like one may be sage or something close to that and the last one's a Eupatorium, I'm just not sure which. As for the yellow one, my eyes failed me and I can't quite figure them out. I hope this helped, though. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope everyone is in the best of health!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping


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