Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Putting up some corn

Last year we had a wonderful crop of corn. This year, I decided to try a heirloom variety, however, the plants are much smaller and not as many grew. I am not expecting to get much from it this year.

While the hubby and I were out going to some yard sales on Saturday, we passed by a farm with a huge corn field and a little roadside stand. They were selling corn that was just picked 30 minutes before. The hubby and I grabbed 3 dozen ears. Yes, we paid 6.00 a dozen, but the quality was superior to any grocery store. I don't mind paying that much to help support the local farmers.

It was nice and cool out while I shucked the corn. It took me like 2 hours to do it. My hands were sore and I didn't want them to stay closed, so I took my time. Darn RA.

Yummy butter and sugar corn. I could have just eat the corn raw. I use to do that all the time growing up.

I parboiled the ears for a few minutes and then threw them into ice water to stop cooking. I used a knife to cut all the kernels off the cobs. Much faster than using my normal cutter thing. The hubby and I ate some corn just like this. So yummy!

I don't like the taste of canned corn, so I freeze all our corn. I managed to get a little over 5 quarts of corn. We will be going back to the farm and getting more in a week or so and doing the process all over again.

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