Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Goals

It's been a couple of weeks since I did any goals. I've just been winging it but it has been bugging me to not have anything planned. I am a planner by heart. So, here are this weeks goals:

1. Finish the binding on Baby Bella's quilt. The binding and the quilting I do all by hand so it takes a bit. Just hoping my sister in law likes the blanket.

2. Finish planting the spring flower bulbs. We had our first frost the other night and I realized that I really need t o get my butt in gear and get these bulbs planted. My dad bought them for me (and asked me to share with a friend), so I need to get them in the ground for him to enjoy in the spring. I know I will love them too, but I secretly think he got them for himself to see when he visits. hehe

3. Divide the venison up into meal sizes. Hubby shot one deer on his trip to Pennsylvania last week (woot woot). Right now it is at a friend of his house who processes game for a living. After then clean up the meat and make it look like something I will recognize, I want to put it in my foodsaver bags according to a meal so it will be easier to deal with. I have never had venison before, but have been reading a ton and even bought a cookbook on how to cook it.

4. Bring the garden stuff to storage. We live in a mobile home in a small park. We are blessed to actually have a bunch of land here even though we live in a park. But we are only allowed a small shed. Sooo we have a storage unit that we rent so that we can store the bigger things in.

5. Clean up and organize the bookshelves. All of them are a mess. Max took over a shelf in the bookshelf we use to store our shoes and bags, so I need to reorganize it to give him a little spot. Not to mention the ones in the office area are all over the place thanks to Abby, who likes to hide and pounce on Max when he walks by.

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