Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Hunting Vacation

The hubby left at 5:30 this morning to go on his much needed and wanted hunting vacation with his younger brother. He will be gone all week long. They drove down to Pennsylvania, to Uniondale. If all goes well, the hubby will have three deer to bring home. It's been 5 years since we spent any time away from each other like this. I'm going to miss him, I kinda already do. The one thing I won't miss is his horrid snoring. I might actually get some good sleep for once this week.

We were watching CSI:NY last week while he was cleaning his muzzle loader for his trip. I just thought it was funny watching him watch tv while doing it. I will even have the 50" tv all to myself this week too. No fighting over the remote. hehe. The hubby and I do watch a lot of the same shows, but not all.

I have never had venison before, but have a nice new cookbook for it, so I have an idea how to cook it. I just have no idea what cuts to ask the butcher for. If it was a pig or cow, I would have no problems with picking my cuts. Looks like I need to see if I can find info online about what to ask for. I know I want sausages made and the hubby wants the backstrap, but other than that, I have no idea.

Tonight Matt is suppose to be sleeping over a friends house. Last night the friend spent the night here. Matt made pancakes for both of them for breakfast and his friend made eggs. Of course they left the kitchen a mess. I need to teach them to clean up the dishes after cooking. Those two go hand in hand. So, if Matt does sleep over his friends house, it will be just me and the cats tonight. I might actually go buy a pizza for dinner instead of cooking. Never had to cook for one before, so pizza it will be. I can have the leftovers for breakfast too.

Wow, this day sure did go by fast. I haven't done anything today other than turn on the tv in the bedroom and watch the Love Comes Softly marathon on the Hallmark channel. Love these movies, I just wish they would show them in order. I have the first four on dvd. One of these days I will get the rest. Now to get dressed (yes I am still in my jammies hehe) and go get my pizza.

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  1. I love the Love Comes Softly movies, they are my favorite movies! I also had the same complaint, they did not show them in order.


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