Monday, October 7, 2013

My Weekly Goals

I got most of my goals done last week. I still have yet to do anything with the homeschool books I need to sell. Some were never used and others were only used for one year. I think one of the reasons I haven't done anything with them is it finalizes the fact that we no longer homeschool Matt. I miss those days, but I know it would be very hard for me to do now with my RA.

I had to head down to the Apple store to see if I can get Matt's ipod fixed. The nearest store to me is 45 minutes away in Massachusetts. It was no big deal to go down there honestly. Unfortunately, the ipod was not able to be fixed. Something wrong with the insides, basically the motherboard, but I don't think it has a motherboard. Kinda ticked off about this because the ipod is only about 2 years old and cost me almost $400.00.

I also hit the Container Store while there. I needed to get some bins and dividers for a dvd project I am planning for this week.

 I took advantage of being down in Peabody to make an emergency appointment to see my primary doctor. I may live in NH, but my doctor is still down in MA. I have been with her since I was 18 and don't want to change, not unless she retires or dies. You can read all about why I had to make the appointment at my other blog, Homesteading With RA.

The yard sale stuff also got packed up and put into our storage room to sell in the spring. I hate having the extra clutter around the house, so it is all put away.

We use to use a side board or breakfast bar as a tv stand. We need something that has a clearance underneath it because of the intake vent on the floor for the heat/ac. When we splurged and got a bigger tv, we had to buy a new tv stand. That took me a bit to find, but I managed it. Instead of putting the bar into storage or selling it, I put it in the kitchen to divide the eat in nook area from the kitchen area. It does make it a little bit smaller and tight, but once the corner table and benches are out of there, it will be nicer. Plus having the extra storage and counter space is very nice.

Now, onto this weeks goals.

1. Quilt baby blanket. My brothers wife is expecting their second child in December. It's a girl, something our family lacks. Each of us seemed to have one girl and then bunches of boys. I saw a cute panel at Walmart for a quilt top. It has 3 butterflies on it, plenty of pink and it is the perfect size for a crib. I have it all put together, just need to hand quilt it. I am praying that my hands will let me. Right now my left thumb is super sore and stiff and I can't move it much.

2. Organize the dvd collection. We have a ton of dvd's and blue rays. Currently they take up 4 shelves of a big bookshelf that is in our living room. I need the room in the bookshelf for books, so I went to the Container Store and bought 4 fabric bins for the dvd's. I also bought a ton of paper sleeves to put the dvd's in, that way I can toss out the big cases. I also have alphabetic dividers so that I can put all the movies in abc order.

3. Hand pictures on the wall. I have 4 large Thomas Kincade pictures, 2 are paintings and 2 are lithographs. Right now they are wrapped in bubble wrap and in a corner of the living room. Well, our kitten, Abby, has discovered that bubble wrap makes noise when popped, so she is constantly after the pictures. Time to put them up on the wall. It's only been 3 1/2 years anyway. LOL

4. Get vertical blinds for living room and kitchen. Abby has totally destroyed our mini blinds. She has a little square cut out of one of the front window blinds so that she can peak out and see us pull into the driveway. Not to mention she has attempted to climb them. Sooo, I need to get something that will not get destroyed by the "terror" as she is called at times.

5. Organize bed room bookshelves and books on the floor on my side of the bed. I have love books and have them all over the house. Most of them are in piles next to my side of the bed. So when I finish with the dvd's, I can put those books on the bookshelf and organize the books on the shelves in my room.

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