Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Confident Heart ~ Chapters 1 & 2

As I was reading chapter one, all sorts of memories of lots of different times I had doubts kept running through my mind.

The first paragraph, in chapter one, reminded me a lot of myself. I always try to chicken out of going or doing something that is out of my comfort zone. If I have to take my son to a place that I have never been before, I tend to try to find a way to get out of driving him there. I always think that I will never get there without getting lost or something else happening.

While reading this chapter, only one thought came creeping into my mind. The devil is keeping me doubting myself. Now that I have turned back towards Christ, I find God showing me my errors and basically turning the light on to things. He made me see who was causing my doubting. Doubt is also making me sick. When I do over come a little bit of it, I feel sooo much better.When I read scripture makes me feel physically an mentally better.

At The Well ~ weekly blog hop topic

In chapter two, Renee's story had me nodding my head yes constantly. I can totally relate to it. I tell people all the time that I am doing okay even though I am not. I am in pain everyday, physically and emotionally, thanks to my RA and Fibro. I don't want to make others feel down or make them feel bad for me. I am afraid if I tell them how I truly feel, that they might not believe me, think that I am making up all my pain or that they will stop spending time or doing things with me. I am limited in what I can do, but I still push myself to do things. Most don't understand what it is like to live with RA and Fibro, unless they have it or another autoimmune disease. I have lost a few friends who I have told my true feelings to. I think that if they were true friends, they would still be around. I do have a couple of very close friends who have helped me out by either just listening while I pour my heart out or doing things for me that I can no longer do. Christ is one of those friends. There are times that I yell at him, cry and ask why he did this to me. I know he loves me and I was predestined to be this way, but I still blame him for it at times. It is during these times, that I look towards scripture to make the pain go away. It always helps. No pills needed for my emotional pain.

These scripture verses really helped me out this week:

" Then you will know that I am the Lord. Those who hope in me will not be disappointed." Isaiah 49:23

"See, I am doing a new thing!" Isaiah 49:19

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28

"All thing are possible to who believes" Mark 9:23

"But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him" Jeremiah 17:7

I want to end this post today by sharing a picture of me at my monthly infusion. Well, just my hand hooked up to the IV. This is one of the things I am to deal with. This is how I get one of my medications for my RA. As you can see, I brought my book, A Confident Heart. My nurse asked me what I was reading. I showed her and told her I was doing a Bible study on it with a bunch of "friends". She smiled and said it was nice that I had such a good group of friends. Granted I don't know any of you ladies outside the internet, but that is ok.


  1. Heather, My heart aches for you. I share some of the same emotions as you. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I also have problems from an ankle that I broke 5 years ago that didn't heal correctly and movement is very limited. I also draw a lot of strength from the scriptures. If it was not for the help of a lot of co-workers I wouldn't be able to continue working. They park my car, get print outs for me and other things that I need. I haven't been able to work this week because of problems with my knee. I had to have and injection in it yesterday. One of my co workers even bought a used jazzy chair for me to use to get around the office. There are good caring individuals that do care. God has placed several in my life. He really does have #perfectlove. If you want to email me you can Love and prayers! Linda.

    1. What wonderful co-workers you have! Such a blessing. I sadly had to stop working last year. Just sitting hurt me terribly. Gives me more time to take care of myself and get me feeling better, physically and emotionally.

  2. Heather,
    I just love your blog so much! I'm so thankful that you consider us your friends! I hope you always feel that way :)

    God bless you are you continue to live strong holding on to God's promises to sustain you.

  3. Heather,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It has challenged me to keep my eyes and ears open to someone's needs even when they say they are "fine".

  4. Heather, my friend!! :) Thank you so much for being brave and vulnerable and sharing a part of your story with us. I'm so honored that you are doing this study with us. I love our community and every woman, every friend, God has brought together here. What a powerful testimony you endure daily the struggles you have and to hold on to God's promises! He is our source and our strength. When our hope is in Him we will NOT be disappointed. Blessings sweet sister!

  5. It is an honor to be called your friend. :)
    I was reading this morning in my devotional "Streams in the Desert" I was moved by something I read regarding the way in which God answers prayers. Not always the way we think. One part said "they asked to be meek, and He had broken their hearts..."
    The end of this devotion really helped me to understand why God allows what He does even when we pray:
    "It was good to suffer here, that they might reign hereafter, to bear the cross below, for they shall wear the crown above; and that not their will but His was done on them and in them."

  6. Heather, WE are YOUR FRIENDS.....

  7. Heather, I look forward to getting to know you better through this OBS and already consider you a friend! Would love to connect through FB. Let me know if that is OK.


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