Monday, April 29, 2013

New shirt....

for the Scarecrow.

The poor guy has had the same shirt for a couple of years now and it was sooo faded and wore out.

Here is is before. Shirt looks kinda whitish or gray.

Here he is now. The hubby was wearing this on Saturday at my sisters baby shower and was horrified. It has a huge hole on the front and a few small holes on the sleeves. Then he goes and wears it yesterday while he was fishing. I had to wash it before I put it on the scarecrow so it doesn't smell like fish and attracts animal friends. He still has no pants. Eventually I will find some for him.

Here is the original color of the faded shirt. Nice gray blue plaid. Notice how faded it got? It was tearing so easily. The sun had started to degrade it.

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