Friday, April 26, 2013

Off to West Point

And he's off. Watch out West Point. No Matt is not attending school there (as if I could afford it). He is joining his Boy Scout Troop 322 and other Scouts for the 51st West Point Camporee.

If you have never herd of West Point, it is a very prestigious military academy that is very hard to join. I don't ever see Matt attending school here. Seeing how he loves all things military, I figured he would enjoy this trip.

The camporee this year is held in memory of Army Second Lieutenant David Rylander. He died May 2, 2012 in Afghanistan when insurgents attacked his unit with an explosive device. Is is an Eagle Scout and attended West Point. We will be keeping David and his family in our thoughts and prayers this weekend.

There is going to be lots of competition events that will be graded at this camporee. Events such as how to properly apply US Army camouflage, knot tying, US Army Drill (that they will use at the closing ceremony), Grenade toss (dummy grenades people) and lots of others. All events are things that the military need to know and use.

There are also non-graded events such as displays of US military weapons (Matt should be drooling over these) and accessories. There will also be lots of demonstrations. They will see UH-60 helicopters fly in, a drill demonstration by the USMA Cadet Drill Team and a parachute demonstration by the USMA Cadet Sports Parachute Team. Sounds like this will be one fun, but busy weekend.

I am hoping one ofthe parents going from our troop takes some pictures. The hubby and I are not going. We will be childless this weekend. What will we do? hehe

The first things I saw when closing up Matt's pack. His Pooh lovie and his pillow. Guess the little boy is still in there somewhere.

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