Friday, May 3, 2013

Gift from my dad

I was finishing up my walk with a girlfriend today, when I noticed a box by my door. I couldn't figure out why it was there. I didn't order anything, so I was kinda confused.

I noticed that there was an agricultural sticker on the front of the box and when I looked at the return address, I saw that it was from a lily place. I love lily's. They are my all time favorite flower. I remember during the summer my dad had me go through a catalog of lily's and pick out my favorite three plants. Well, those lily's have arrived.

Three different plants and at least 3 of each. They are bulbs, so I will get to see their beauty next spring. Inside the box, there was also two notes, both hand written.

So nice of them to do this. Made me smile for sure. Going to keep these notes in my garden journal.

Of course they sent me a couple of their catalogs and a pamphlet on how to care for my lily's. Here is the link for Oakes Daylillies in case you ever want to order from them.

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