Monday, May 6, 2013

My Yard Sale Scores

Once the warm weather hits, we hit the yard sales every weekend. This past Saturday was no exception.

We found this one subdivision or large (very friggin large) neighborhood wide yard sale. There were like 20-30 houses that we part of the sale. I swear just about every family had babies or toddlers, so I went looking for some things for my new nephew.

I got this little Step 2 slide. It was suppose to have a bat to go with the ball, a basketball net and a basketball, but that's ok. Less things to get hit with. LOL. It was in very good condition and I only paid $2.00 for it.

I also got him a couple of jackets for the fall, a couple of nightgown sleeper things for the summer and a cute onesie. The sleepers were never worn (they had that new crunchy feel) and the other things are in excellent condition. I paid $5.00 for these.

Then for myself, I scored season 1,2,4,5,6 of CSI on dvd. They are still sealed in plastic (I opened up a few  to check them out). I paid $15.00 for all those. I was totally psyched about this.

Matt also got a few things too. A brand new steering wheel and peddles for the Xbox 360 for $19.00. It normally goes for $150.00. He also got a couple of Nerf Super Soaker guns (as if he needs more Nerf guns) for a couple of bucks each. A set of board games that has like 6 or so different games in it like, chess, checkers, mancala, etc. That was $1.00. The last thing he got was a mountain bike for $5.00. It needs the brakes lubed up and the tires inflated, which Matt did when we got home. I do need to take the decals off the bike because it says Coors Light and The Silver Bullet. Not a good idea for a twelve year olds bike.

We were out for three hours, my Fibro decided to flare and then my RA decided to kick in. Hanging out in bed with pain meds and the remote was how I spent the rest of the day.

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