Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This weeks Grocery Savings

I love saving money, who doesn't. I really didn't need much grocery's this week but when I saw what was on sale at my local grocery store, I had to go.

I have three grocery stores near me. Stop & Shop, Shaws and Market Basket. S&S is the most expensive, however I save the most there and it ends up being way cheaper than the other two stores. So even though this doesn't look like much, it is almost $60.00 worth of food.

I bought two boxes of Luigi's Italian Ice, two packages of chicken drumsticks, one whole chicken, one lb of broccoli, one bottle of ketchup, one bottle of mayo, four cans of mandarin oranges, one box of Cheez-Its, one jar of pickles, and two packages of laundry detergent packets (I do buy some detergent when I can get it for super cheap, otherwise I make my own).

Everything I bought was on sale. I had coupons for everything, except the chicken and broccoli. Those were on sale for 99¢ a lb. I use the little handheld scanner thing that you use to do your own checkout and it also has coupons on it. It had one for the Cheez-its today. The detergent was buy one get one and you can use two coupons for them cause you are buying two of them, they just happen to be giving one for free. The best coupon I had was from Oakhurst milk. It was a $10.00 gift certificate off anything at the grocery store. I get one of these like 2-3 times a year. No idea how I started getting them. I might have signed up on their website or something. Anyway, here is my receipt showing the total before, my savings, and what I paid.


  1. Awesome...thanks for sharing.. I will put your blog on mine.. I would love you to post more on our saver page..we need help running it and if you have time..it would be perfect.


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