Thursday, April 24, 2014

Strawberries planted

Today my dad and I planted my strawberry plants. I bought them from Burpee this year. I was expecting plants, you know with green leaves and such, but what I got was the runners and just the crowns. My dad said it was fine and showed me how to plant them. They look like they are dead. Hope they actually grow into something. I ordered 25, but got 26. One extra is always nice in case one doesn't make it. I bought Northeaster, which are great for my area up in NH.

They look like those aliens from Sesame Street with all the tentacles. You know, the ones that got yip yip yip.

Love these aliens. I just had to watch all the videos I could find on Youtube with them. hehe

I found a little surprise left from a feathered friend in the container that my parsley was growing in last year. A little wild strawberry! It will stay where it is so it doesn't cross with the others that I bought.

Now if the wind will die down, I can plant the rest of my spring veggies. The gusts we have had for the past two days have been crazy. Nothing has stayed put. I had to bring in my little garden flags so I don't loose them.

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