Monday, April 21, 2014

Spent the day in Boston today

I grew up and lived 15 minutes outside Boston up until 5 years ago when we moved to NH. One of my cousins was running in the marathon this year (she did as well last year, but was unable to finish), so my dad, son and I went into Boston to cheer her on. We also met up with an uncle and another cousin I haven't seen in a long time, we are talking 18 years give or take.

It was nice to see the heightened security, even if it was very annoying with all the barricades. We kept wanting to get to the Trinity church, (it's right near the finish line), but because of the barricades, the closest we could get was across the street. Tons of cops everywhere too. Again, I loved seeing them. No one was going to mess with Boston today that was for sure.

Dad and I took the T in (subway or tube for those outside New England) and walked all over the place. I knew where I was going (I never drive in Boston, I always walk it), but he kept arguing with me and asking the many police officers around, who tells him the same thing I already did. *sigh* I love him, but damn.

We met my uncle and cousin in a restaurant and got caught up and talked for a long time. Check out the nachos we ordered for a "snack". Don't they just look yummy? They were too.

The mountain of nachos we ordered. They were the "swamped" nachos. It had all sorts of stuff on it like pulled pork, shredded chicken and crab meat. Of course all the normal stuff you find.

Not much left of them. Us adults attacked them, Matt wasn't too hungry, surprisingly. Sorry for the grainy pictures. Taken with my cell phone in a dark restaurant.

My cousin Jenn finished 4 hours after starting. She looked great considering she just ran 26.2 miles, on her day off, for fun. I walked like 10 miles and I feel like I am going to die. LOL. I have some blisters on my feet and just know I won't be moving far from my bed tomorrow.

Here she is all finished. Woot Jenn!

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