Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lots of rain this past weekend

I am just happy it has not been snow. We would have been buried if it was. We got like 4+ inches of rain this weekend. Not complaining because it is helping to clear the snow away. It is just making my yard turn into one huge lake. I just hope it doesn't mess up my blueberry bushes we planted in the fall. I hope they grow this year too. Hoping I can get something from them this year, but we should for sure next year.

We have a little stream behind the house and the water is normally really low in it. When I went out there the other day to fill the feeders, it was very low, but you could see the water because the snow melted and nothing has grown up around or in the stream. You can see the water really moving fast too. Normally it just kind of sits there.

So mucky and full of leaves. We plan on cleaning out the part behind our house and line it with bedrocks. Maybe if the landlord likes it, he will pay us to do the whole thing. No one else takes care of it. All the water from our mobile home park goes into this. Every time it rains, the water runs down our side yard and into the backyard to the stream.

The garden beds are swamped as well. Lots of water in them. We got a ton of rain and because the ground is still kind of frozen down deep, the water has no where to go. I just hope it doesn't kill the bulbs that are sprouting.

This was a low part of the yard that just happens to be right next to the raised beds. The garlic is growing nearby, so hoping all the standing water doesn't mess with it. I know the water will go away eventually. Whenever we get a ton of rain at once, this part floods up a bit for a day or so.

It was so nice out today. The next few days are suppose to be just as warm too. I could hear the rice crispy noise the snow makes when it melts when I was out checking out the yard. Next up is to pick up the yard and get ready to start planting in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

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