Friday, January 24, 2014

Redoing the Garden Journal for the coming season

Last year was the year I formally started documenting everything that went on in the garden. I also blogged here a ton, so that is kinda a journal as well. This year, I decided to add a few more things to my binder. Here is my journal last year. Garden Journal 2013. I took out the pages from last years journal and put them together at the end of the new journal so that I am able to refer back to it if needed.

Last year, the program I used to help me determine the dates to plant what started to charge 25.00 a year. Seeing how I will only use it once, I didn't think it was worth the money. Instead, I went on a search to get more updated dates from someone from my actual state. I came upon the UNH Cooperative Extension (duh, why didn't I go here in the first place) and found the planting and maturity dates of vegetables in New Hampshire. You can find the list here if you live in NH: Planting & Transplanting Info. There are also some other interesting links that you might check out as well.

New this year to my journal is a pH list for Veggies, Fruits & Herbs, Soil Temperature chart, and a Seed Depth chart, all can be found here from Mike the Gardener.

I updated the Companion Planting chart from the small one I used last year. I found this wonderful full page one that is loaded with all sorts of veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers. The printing is small so more info will fit on it, but I can deal with it. You can find the chart here.

The last things I added to the journal was detailed info pages on each of the veggies I plan on growing. I wanted to make my own up, but found these instead and they were exactly what I was going to do, but with more info. It is an ebook that you can download from USA Gardener. I just printed out the pages of the veggies that I will be growing and added them to the back of the journal. Here is the page on Bush Beans.

Of course I once again added the pages from Terroir Seeds Garden Journal. I just love it! I also save the seed packets that I use. If I saved the seeds from the year before, I will keep the seed packet from that year as well, to refer back to it if needed.

Hope you enjoy my updated garden journal. What kinds of things do you add to your garden journal, if you keep one?


  1. Wow great garden journal ideas. I've found my own garden journal to be of great enjoyment and I enjoy reading through especially in the winter months. Thanks for the ideas - Carole

  2. I use the Gardening Notebook from the SchneiderPeeps. I have found it to be very helpful in taking notes. Our county extension also has a wealth of information that has been so helpful and all for free. Thanks for sharing this with us at the HomeAcre Hop. We'd love to have you back again tomorrow!

  3. Thank you for linking this article at Green Thumb Thursday and we hope you join us again this week! Maybe someday I'll be this organized with my garden!


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