Saturday, September 1, 2012

Angry Bird Birthday - Prepping stages

This Sunday is Matt's birthday. We can't afford a big party like we normally do because I am no longer working, so we are just having my sister's family over. Matt has asked to have an Angry Bird's theme to his little party. So, like most people do nowadays, I hit Pinterest for ideas.

I made Pig Goody bags. The birds tend to get the main focus and I thought the pigs were cute. Inside the goody bags we have stickers, gummies and cookies all Angry Bird themed.

We also found this cute little printable for "Angry Bird Poop" that I just had to have. Matt got a kick out of it too.

I bought all different colored plates, cups and plastic wear to represent the different birds. I have seen some places that put faces on the plates for the birds and just used a clear charger on top of the plate for the food. I didn't have the money for that and honestly thought I had enough bird things going on. However, I had to make our blue cups into birds.

What party isn't complete without a Pinata. Seeing how a pinata always gets beat up, I had to make a King Pig, cause well the birds don't get beat up, the pigs do. After working my butt off for days making it, I didn't want to have the kids beat the crap out of it and ruin it. Matt also loves it and wants to keep it after the party. So, we decided not to use it as a pinata, but as a table centerpiece. LOL

Seeing how this is suppose to be an Angry Bird party and not the pigs party, I had to have more birds around. So I printed out some pages to make Angry Bird balloons. All the kids were attacking each other (and me when I went into the house for a minute) pretending they were the bird they had.

No party is not complete without food. Of course they sell crackers that look like Angry Birds now, which the kids were acting out as they were eating them.

And of course there is the cupcakes. Instead of a cake, I figured these were easier to make. I have a ton left over that I will be bringing to a cookout on Sunday.

You can find all the items I used to make all my things here:
Balloon, pinata, and goody bag printables
Angry Bird Poop Printable
Angry Bird Cupcake Idea

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