Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matt's 12th Birthday Party

Today was Matt's little party. I just invited my sisters family over to play/hang out. They had never been to our new place, so it was the perfect time to have them over. It was kind of nice to have a low key party where I didn't have to play hostess for long. Once everyone knew where things were, they just helped themselves, which was nice. 

Matt got some pretty cool gifts that my sister made. She showed me the grenade a few weeks ago and I asked her if she could make one for Matt. She also made a bomb and a stick of dynamite. They are soo adorable.

We got him a couple of books. I know boring. He hates to read but has been totally into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I found a Zombie Diary series and Undead Ned, all are written like the Wimpy Kid books. He thought they were funny and are next to his bed on top of the books he is currently reading. We also got him the Guitar Hero Metallica game. He is really into the music I use to listen to back in high school. Oh and a bomb bird mug. His favorite Angry Bird. Maybe now he will stop using my butterfly mugs. LOL

The weather was perfect out. Nice and cool and sunny out. I even had to put pants on because I got cold. Although I have been cold most of this summer and have hardly wore shorts much. 

Birds I printed out and colored for our front door. I thought they were cute and needed a little something else.

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