Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coastal Clean-Up, Jenness Beach Rye, NH

Today our scout troop cleaned up the beach in Rye, NH. It was a beautiful day. Started out kinda chilly and cloudy, but warmed right up. The sand was so not nice to my arthritic ankles, but it was nice to get out. Now I am resting up and hoping that the swelling goes down. Here is a little picture montage of our morning.

Love the sun rays shinning down through the clouds

Lots of surfers out there today

The hubby, Matt and some of the other boys

My feet. Man was the water cold. Kinda felt good for a bit

Love the rocks

Sandpipers hanging out till we showed up

Digging out trash

Looking for more trash

and more trash

My footprints in the sand

Having a little break

I love the water. Sounds so soothing

The waves

Seaweed. There were tons of it

Trying to get out some thick styrofoam from under the rocks.

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