Friday, August 24, 2012

Grilled Corn On The Cob

I love summer corn. It is so sweet.

We live down the street from a farm (Applecrest) that grows and sells so many veggies and fruits in the summer, so we are always there to stock up on fresh veggies that we don't/can't grow ourselves. I found out today that they are part of a CSA. I might have to check that out.

During the fall festivals that Applecrest throws every weekend starting in September, they grill corn over huge open charcoal grills. The corn tastes sooooo yummy this way. Of course it also costs as much for a half a dozen as one of the grilled corn at these events. So of course I had to start grilling my own.

This is how we grill our corn on the cob.

I have herd that you can soak the corn still in the husks in cold water for 30 minutes or so, but I don't and my corn comes out plenty moist.

Preheat the grill so it will be ready by the time you are done prepping all your corn. I was just making a few tonight, normally I do a bunch cause my "boys" love them.

First you pull back all the husks (but do not take them off) and remove all the silk. Nothing worse than having silk stuck between your teeth.

Then you smother the kernels in butter. I use Country Crock. After the cob is covered in butter, you fold the husks back over the cob. Do each ear one at a time. Kinda gets messy with the butter. I like to use a frosting knife to spread the butter.

Then you wrap each ear up in aluminum foil twisting the ends so it seals up the ends. Then you pop them on your grill. I use our gas grill most of the time. Charcoal is reserved for when we have guests or a party. I cook them for about 30 minutes, turning them a few times to make sure even grilling.

Unfold we caution. The corn will be super hot and super yummy. No need to put on any butter because it was cooked in it already. Enjoy!

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