Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New School Binder

It's that time of year again to start gathering all the school supplies for the school year. Of course there is nothing that we can find that Matt likes. Well, he found some car folders, but what he really wants is everything military themed or camo print. I have looked, but have had no luck at all.He needs a binder to put all the folders in and we have a ton of those white binders with the clear pockets on the front and back covers.

Soooo, Matt and I hit Michael's Craft Store to see if we could find some camo printed scrapbook paper. We found plenty of stickers that were geared towards specific branches in the military (Matt picked out the Army and Air Force) , but nothing military related for paper. Off to Joann's Fabrics to see what they might have. I was also on the look out for camp fabric to make him a pencil pouch (will do a post on that later). Well, they did not have much when it comes to scrapbooking stuff, but we did find some camo paper.

                        Sorry for the yellow light, but it was 1am after all

Last night (or this morning because it was 1am when I did this LOL), I could not sleep so I decided to make his binder. I cut two of the sheets to fit inside the front and back pockets. Then I used the Army stickers on the front cover paper and the Air force on the back cover paper. I am going to use the uniform stickers to make a tag for Matt's backpack instead of writing his name on it. (Will do a post on this too).

                             Matt showing the Army side of the binder

                         And showing off the Air Force side of the binder

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