Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Gracie

A few weeks ago the vet found a mass in the colon of my baby, Gracie. She had just turned 5 years old back in June, so for her to get sick this young upset me. I have had many cats over the years, but they all have lived for a very long time. Mama Cat was 26 when she passed and her daughter, Pumpkin was 22 when she passed.

The vet of course wanted to either do surgery or chemo. I love my cat, but I can not afford this. I spent a fortune for them to tell me she had the mass that "might" be cancer. I decided to not do anything and just keep an eye on her. There are days when I think I should put her down, but then the next day, she acts like her normal self.

When we got her, she was an abandoned kitten and use to spending all her time outside. When we moved to our current location, the mobile park owners made us sign a paper saying that Gracie will remain indoors. They claimed that they were trying to get rid of all the stray cats out of the neighborhood. Not sure how that is possible seeing how we have other houses outside the park that could have outdoor cats. Not to mention a bunch of our neighbors in the park have cats and they are always outside doing what cats do.

So now that she was diagnosed, we decided to say screw it to the paper we signed and have been letting her outside. We figured she might as well enjoy her time doing what she enjoys the most while she has sometime left. She is gone literally all day long. I let her out in the morning and she is waiting on the porch for me when I get home from work at midnight. Last night she was out all night long thanks to the butt load of rain we have. So when she came home this afternoon, she actually ate a ton of food. Something she hasn't been doing a lot of recently.

Here are a few pictures that I love of her.

                                      Hiding in the water bottle box

                          Checking out what is in the heater/ac vent

                                          Helping me homeschool Matt

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