Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My not so normal ride home

My ride home from work started out like any normal ride home.

I was running late because I got stuck on the phone with someone who wanted to spend exactly 100.00 with shipping (didn't happen buddy), so it was like 11:20 when I left. I drove Cindy to her exit where we met up with her husband, then I got back onto the highway, set my cruise control to 65 (yes I go the speed limit, I am all set with going through more gas than I already do), and call my hubby.

I talk to Steve every night which helps me stay awake on my long ass ride home. So we are chatting about stuff and I am driving along checking out the few vehicles I am passing or that are passing me. I like to see what states other drivers are from. I have seen a ton of different states recently like Louisiana and Missouri.

So anyway, I come up to this driver from Maine in a white SUV. It was a little bigger than an Ford Explorer. Other than that, I didn't really pay attention. I was in the second lane and this person was in the third lane. By now I was already 30-35 minutes into my drive home but not tired for once. Steve and I were chatting up a storm about something (well I was LOL).

I was passing the Maine driver when I happened to see a blinking yellow light out of the corner of my left eye. I look over and the asshole Maine driver had his blinker on and was moving into my lane. The blinking light I saw was the one that is on the side of the vehicle near the front tire which meant I was a little bit passed this car but not all the way there yet, so I was not in his blind spot. Yes my car is black but I have my lights and my fog lights on so you can see me. I hit my horn and didn't let it go (I never ever use my horn cause it sounds like a dog's chew toy IMO. LOL). Did this stop the driver? NOOOO! The moron kept on moving over. I tell Steve to hold on, I put my window down and started screaming lots of bad words at this person. I had to swerve into the first lane and then I gunned it to 80 to get past him.

Oh and did I mention that I was on the bridge that goes over the Merrimack River? Of course we were talking about this bridge as I was leaving work last night and how stupid drivers like to slam on their breaks while going over it.

Now I am really pissed off. I honestly don't remember being anything but pissed during the whole thing which lasted like 2 minutes, if that. I tell Steve what just happened really fast cause my adrenaline was going nuts and he goes "Welcome to my world". I honestly don't know how he can drive the mixer and deal with people like this every freaking day. I would go nuts. This guy was either drunk or falling asleep. I am thinking sleepy. He wasn't swerving or anything. Eventually I get back into the second lane and go to my normal cruise speed and I am keeping an eye on this guy who is now behind me. He never did catch up with me and eventually he was well behind, so he had to have been going much slower than my 65.

Of course when I get home, I am no longer tired (I was hoping for a normal falling asleep time for once) and I stay up reading till like 2am.

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  1. Holy crap!!! Glad that you didn't get hit!!


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