Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First day of school 2011

Yesterday was Matt's first day of fifth grade. He was suppose to go back to school Monday, but it was canceled because of Irene which hit us Sunday. (we lucked out during that storm and the only damage we have is our broken tomato plants and a lone blue bucket in our yard).

We head off to the bus stop 15 minutes before 8. The bus is suppose to pick up the kids at 8. Didn't happen. She was 20 minutes late. Ya I know, it was the first day of school, but honestly she was late every single day last year and even forgot to pick up the kids one day. Many phone calls to the bus company last year didn't help either.

He said that he had a great day, but was not happy with having homework on the first day. I will have to give the teacher a call because from what I have herd through the rumor mill, is that his teacher tends to let the kids do what they want and get away with things. Matt tends to be an instigator and loves to get other kids going. It is part of his disability that he can not control at times. He needs a nice firm teacher who will put a quick stop to his little quirks, so I am afraid this teacher won't do that.

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