Monday, March 9, 2015

Updating the garden journal for the new season

About this time every year I get anxious to get into the dirt and start growing my veggies. But we are still under a ton of snow, so all I can do is plan my garden.

I pull out all my notes and plans from the year before and save them in a pocket folder. I use the past year notes to plan the placement of my veggies and for other things that worked in the garden.

Here I am with a clean sheet (I use two because our garden area is so big now). I also have the veggie placement from the past 2 years. I try to move all the veggies around the beds every year. I do companion planting, so I don't want any veggies planted in the current year that was planted in a spot where a non friend was planted the year before.

Snap pea trellis placement last year

I plan on moving my snap pea trellis to the opposite side of the garden where there is more shade. It still gets a ton of sun (6+ hours), but I want to plant more sun loving veggies where the snap peas use to be, like my pole beans.

About a month after planting

The strawberry bed is the only one that I don't move around. I planted 26 plants there last April (well my dad did lol) and they are now well established. I even gave my sister a ton of the runners last fall.

Pole Bean trellis made with trees from the yard

My big pole bean trellis is moving as well. I was thinking where my tomato and pepper plants were last year. It gets a ton of sun there, but I am afraid it will shade a bunch of the rest of the garden. That's why garden planning is important.

Time to get back to the planning. It will have to suffice until I can get my hands into the dirt.

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