Saturday, February 28, 2015

Homeschool Co-op

Public school was out for holiday this past week. so Matt was either sleeping over his friends or his friend was sleeping over here. His friend was with us for Matt's archery shoot for score. Matt got two indoor pins, but his score was a lot worse than he normally has. I have a feeling his friend was distracting him too much.

This past Friday was our homeschool co-op day. We meet every other Friday for about 5-6 hours. At first Matt didn't want to go because he had been having fun with his public school friend, but when he couldn't sleep over again, Matt decided to go. Last time I spent the day with the little kids, but I wanted to spend sometime with the older, more calmer and quieter big kids. Don't get me wrong, I have a blast with the little kids, but Matt is 14 now and I have been out of the little kid stage for awhile now. Not to mention, it is usually just Matt around.

The first class he has, they have been building bridges. There are rules that they have to follow. Matt seems to enjoy it. I enjoyed watching and of course talking to the mom leading the class, who happens to be his archery teacher too.

He is working on the decking here. Making it more sturdy for when they drive a car over it to test out its durability.You can see the red car that the kid on the left is playing with. That's the test car. It's got some weight to it too.

Matt was working on the legs of his bridge. He has to have a 12 inch span between the legs on each end. I learned a bunch just watching and listening to the kids working on their bridges.

Next up was his cooking class. On the menu was chicken and zucchini parmesan. When I asked the lady who is teaching the class what was for lunch (the kids always make a ton of food) and she said chicken parm, I had to laugh. I had made it for dinner the night before. One of the kids in the class is gluten free and another is a vegetarian, so we made sure there were plenty for all diets.

 Matt breading up the chicken. They made the gluten free chicken and zucchini first because they only had a couple of mixing bowls to use.

I had to nudge Matt to cook up some of the chicken (you can see it all done on the bottom left corner) and some of the zucchini. He cooked both perfectly without me telling him. He loved both. Now if I can get him to cook at home. This coming school year for sure he is going to be cooking one day a week.

After the morning classes was lunch, recess and some free time. At lunch time, I sat at the adult table and Matt sat with one of the other kids. He was one of two older kids to go outside for recess. Of course he didn't have his coat with him (he runs hot all the time so I try not to bug him about it). For free time, he spent the time messing around on his phone playing a game. He gets along great with the kids his age, but sometimes he needs a break from the silliness. He was giving one of the littler kids a piggy back ride for awhile, running (or walking fast because his legs are so long). All I could hear was Matt making his car noises and the little boy giggling. I took a picture of them together because it was so cute.

The last class of the day, Matt chose drawing with most of the older girls his age. All the other big kids were going to start up a Dungeons & Dragons game, but he wasn't interested. Not his thing. Plus I think he just wanted to quiet too. I joined them eventually because the littles were giving me a headache.

He was drawing a car using a picture off his phone as his model. All the girls were drawing cats. The girls was so cute with all their chatter. I think Matt was enjoying it too. He would smile every now and then at them. He is at the age where he is interested in girls after all. The moms and I were chatting too. I swear I need the socialization more than Matt. Finally someone other than a teenager and my husband to talk to.

It was time to go home after his time with the girls. I totally needed a nap and I really didn't do anything. Of course Matt and his friend were scheming and next thing I knew, I was bringing Matt back over his friends house to spend the night. He is still there, spending another night. He is over there every weekend anyway. One night there and one night here. Trade off the boys to give each parents a night off lol.

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