Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend snow

I hope you are all well and warm. I haven't left the house today, don't want to really.

Yesterday I took Matt out to find some nice warm coveralls to keep him toasty warm while snow blowing and shoveling out us and some of the neighbors. Took forever to find something. We managed to find some overalls by Carhartt, the brand I was planning on getting him anyway. Matt freaked out over the cost of them, but I honestly expected to pay more. I want him to be warm and know this brand will do the job.

He's been making some pretty nice money for a 14 year old. Snow is keeping the hubby busy too. He's been making nice cash money too. However, I do miss spending time with him. He's out pretty much every day. He's out right now as I type. His short days turn into 10+ hour days. Some days he doesn't get home until 10 pm after going in at 7 am. Poor guy is so tired when he gets home.

I took some pictures on my phone of Matt in the snow to show a friend of mine in Louisiana how much we have. Matt is at least my height if not a little taller now. I am 5'6" to give you an idea of all the snow we have. He is also standing on top of like 10 inches.

I was standing in the doorway with Abby, who normally tries to make a run for it. She touched the snow, backed away and meowed at me as if she was saying "Aww hell no". Guess both the cats won't try to make a run for it until the spring time.

He was trying to stand on top of the snow. This last storm gave us light and fluffy snow. 18+ inches of it.

Playing around in the snow. You can see my neighbors truck, behind Matt. Well sort of. It's buried in the snow. As is most of the neighborhood.

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