Monday, June 2, 2014

Few little garden projects

The garden is going great. Everything is up and growing. I hate how we had to plant a little later this year due to the cold.

A couple of weeks ago we did a couple of little projects for the garden. We needed a new pole bean trellis. The one we made last year broke and it wasn't tall enough. So the boys made me a new one.

We have a nice tree line in the back of the yard. There are a few little trees there that are in the way and need to come out. So, those are some of the trees we used to make a new trellis.

Matt and the hubby cut the trees down. That fallen tree bent and broke a bunch of trees when it fell during a storm years ago. It is also what we use to cross the little stream behind the house. Eventually we will have an actual bridge

Picking up the cut off limbs while hubby is using loppers to cut them off.

The three poles for the trellis. We had a four legged one last year, but three is fine. We had to cut like 3 feet off each of these because it was so tall, I would never be able to get the beans at the top.

The trellis up and with guide strings added to each side. All the beans are now about 3 inches tall and just popping out their first set of true leaves.

The hubby and I also made up some plant labels to help identify where and what the plants are that I planted. I have a ton of used canning lids. I figures they could be used for something else after they have already been used for canning. The can only be used once for canning. This is what we made:

Not my original idea. I got the idea from the blog, Hickory Holler Farm. The sharpy marker has faded a little bit, so I had to rewrite on some of them. I know what each and every plant is, but the hubby doesn't and I get tired of telling all my neighbors when they come over to see.

I even had a neighbor buy me some snap pea seeds, a tomato plant and two bell pepper plants. So now I have 11 pepper plants and 13 tomato plants. I always share with my neighbors anyway, but this one will get extra from his plants.

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