Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pictures around the homestead

Spring is finally here and going strong. Temps have been in the 60's for a couple of weeks now, finally. Mother's Day is suppose to be in the mid 70's!

Lots of our spring bulbs are in bloom and our window boxes are bursting with color from our pansies.

My scarecrow needed some new clothes. Like usual, I went searching for a shirt of my hubby's that has holes in it and has seen better days. He actually took the shirt off his back because there was a hole in the sleeve, a rather large hole. They are work shirts after all.

Very faded shirt. It use to be a maroon plaid but the sun bleached it out and made the shirt very easy to tear.

The color it use to be and the color the sun turned it to. The wonders of our sun. Thinking of doing some sun pictures with Matt this week. Need to dig out my sun paper.

The scarecrow in his new clothes. He gets new shirts every year.

Our baby strawberry plants are growing up nicely. Looks like all of them have survived and are thriving. I won't get berries off them this year. I will pulling any blooms off them so the plants can focus on growing instead of producing fruit. Next year we will hopefully get some yummy strawberries. For now, I will just hit the farm up the street for my berries, like usual.


  1. Isn't it wonderful that spring has finally arrived?! I am thinking about making a scarecrow for the garden. Yours is really cute!

    1. My poor scarecrow has seen better days. The birds have taken off with his hair for their nests, so he looks kinda funny. Still love it though hehe.


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