Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Homeschooling Again

The hubby and I have been talking about taking Matt out of school at the end of this school year. He only has 2 months left, so we are letting him finish the school year out. I am so excited to be back in the homeschooling saddle.

I have always felt led to homeschool both our kids, but the hubby wasn't into it. When we first started homeschooling, he was very against it. I took the our daughter out of school without him agreeing. He didn't talk to me for 2 weeks. Eventually he warmed to it, a little bit. I homeschooled her until she hit 9th grade. She wanted to to experience high school. I agreed to let her go. Matt wasn't in school until a year after we moved to NH. He spent until the beginning of 4th grade at home.

We put Matt in school because the schools up in my town were ranked the top in the state, however that has changed drastically since they implemented the Core Curriculum Standards. I won't say more than that about the CCS because you do not need to hear my rantings.

A few months after he went into school, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and then a year later, Fibromyalgia as well. It took me 3 years to get to the point where I have the RA managed so I can live a normal life. The only times where I really struggle is around the time I am due to have my infusion. Plus now the infusions are doing a number on me. I know that once a month we will be getting takeout because I am so tired and sick I can't do much more than lay in bed.

I truly believe that the Lord changed the hubby's heart and lead him to homeschool Matt as well. He has been so very open to it and even calling me through out the day to have me check out some website that is offering free lessons or classes that Matt can take. I am totally loving it! We even went to a yard sale last Saturday because they were selling homeschool materials. I was able to get some BJU history books, just need to get the teachers books (keeping my eye on an Ebay listing as I type, praying I win the bid).

So excited to start homeschooling again! Can't you tell?


  1. Welcome back to the homeschooling life. We tried sending our son to public school this year. He really wanted to play sports (we are in NY and homeschoolers are not allowed to play sports...yet!) but he was injured mid season in football. Then he was shoved down in school and broke his hand in 4 places. It required surgery to fix it. He fell so far behind he became so overwhelmed. We pulled him again in mid-February. We enrolled him in ABeka Academy. He is loving it so far.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Have a blessed week.

    1. Ouch! That is a painful public school experience he had. Glad he is happier now though. Here in NH, we have access to classes and sports at the public school, if we wish. I am going to talk to the school to see what they offer homeschoolers. I am aiming at more extra curricular things and not the main subjects.


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