Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow snow and more snow

Like a lot of people, I am soo sick and tired of all this snow. I keeps reading on my favorite blogs of people already planting in their gardens. I am so jealous. We still have at least a foot of snow on the ground with more possibly in the future. Right now we are over a foot higher than we normally get every winter.

This is the view out my backdoor of the shed. This was after one big and one small snow storm.

If you look closely, you can see that it was snowing once again. A few inches on the roof left and about 10 inches or so on the ground.

What it looked like after the last snow storm. I love how all the snow stuck to the trees. So pretty like that. Not many birds are coming to the feeders right now. The snow is halfway up the pole, so the cats in the neighborhood and reach the birds nicely now. I need to dig the pole out and put some seed on the ground for the ground feeders.

We have a metal roof, so the snow slides off as it melts. Scares the crap out of the cats when it falls though. This was what the overhang looked like after a couple of snow storms. A good foot hanging over. The hubby knocked it down the next morning because this was hanging over the ramp to our deck.

The overhang above the door. I had to make sure not to slam the door or I would be buried in heavy wet snow.

The overhang of snow after the last storm. Look how thick it is! Lots of roofs collapsed after this storm. Hubby knocked this down too because it is once again above the ramp to the deck.

I haven't really even left the house during the past month of so. Just to head to my doctor appointments and to run an errand here or there with the hubby on the weekends. I've been cooped up with the cats all winter long.

I did introduce snow to Abby. She loved it. I made a snowball for her and put it in the tub for her to bat around. She cried for a few minutes once it melted away.


Max and I feel the same way about the snow. So done with it.

I have been sewing a little (needed some new cloth pads for myself hehe) and baking up a ton. I tried a new to me recipe for wheat bread (which is totally awesome and yummy!). While it was on it's second rise in the bread pans, Abby decided she wanted to help. I hate the cats on the counters and the table. They both know it is off limits, but Abby likes to push those limits. When I lifted the towel to see how the rise was coming, I noticed a little something extra in one of the loaves.

See that little indent in the middle bottom of the loaf? Yup, it's a paw print. Of course it made the rise fall, so I had to wait for it to rise again. Thankfully the towel was over the bread (you can see the lines from the towel on the bread too)or I would have thrown away the loaf.

Yesterday was nice and warm and we had a lot of melting going on, but it is suppose to get cold once again and maybe more snow coming by the end of the week. Uggg. This is what I get for living in New England. I love it up here and will never leave, so I better get use to it.

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