Sunday, February 9, 2014

Relaxing and just laying low

I'm still here, but I am just spending a lot of time reading and just hanging out. I've been reading a lot of Amish fiction. Enjoying it too. I am a week behind reading the book Made To Crave. I do need to catch up so I am not too far from the group. I've just been so into reading my other books that I have kinda blown it off. Plus this study is cramming 3 chapters a week plus questions and other things. Hard for me to keep up when my arthritis slows me down. Oh well, I will catch up this week now that I am feeling better.

We got 10 inches of snow a few days ago and it is snowing again, only we are just suppose to get a dusting this time. I am so ready for spring to get here. Coming up fast though.

I ordered all my seeds, tomato and pepper plants. So now of course I have the gardening bug something fierce. There is just something about getting my hands in the dirt that I find soothing. I have been stuck cooped up in the house for 2 months now and bored to death. I am so ready to get busy in the garden.

I've been watching an enjoying the Olympics as well too. I love the all the skating. Some of the skiing is interesting too.

My little ninja cat, Abby, has been keeping me on my toes. She is in a destructive mode recently. She was climbing on top of the curtains in the living room to get Matt's Arrow Of Light award because it has feathers on it. She ate the feathers off my pirate nutcracker. She has been digging in and eating my Christmas cactus. I even put it up high, but apparently not high enough. The plant is starting to look sad. She broke a little humming bird figurine that I had next to the Christmas cactus.

I am leaving you with a few pictures of Abby.

She has this thing for the fridge. She comes running whenever anyone opens it and hops in it.

Enjoying some catnip. She goes bonkers after getting some of this. Max just goes to sleep.

Playing with her monkey. I bought it so that she would leave Matt's alone. She still plays with Matt's as well.

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