Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting ready for more snow

It seems that everywhere in the states is having a bad winter, between below freezing temps and lots of snow. Mother Nature must be in a really bad mood or something. Living up in New Hampshire,we are use to the cold and snow, but this year it has been a lot harsher. I haven't seen this many below freezing days ever.

Tomorrow we are getting more snow, up to 14 inches. As if that wasn't enough, on Sunday, we are getting another storm. Last I heard, we are expecting to get feet of snow. Uggggg. This will put my hubby out of work for the rest of the winter. Double Ugggg.

I spent sometime outside picking up the yard a little bit and filling up the bird feeders. I sprinkled a bunch of seed on the ground for those birds who prefer to eat away from the craziness of the feeders.

Our little stream had thawed out when we had our "January thaw", but it has since frozen over again. So, our bird friends don't have any drinking water. I have been thinking of putting out some warm water for them everyday.

It seems that one of the neighbors cats has been enjoying our bird feeder. These prints lead from the tree line behind the house, past the feeders and into our garden. Hope not to many birds disappeared. I am so tired of the cold. Really looking forward to the spring.


  1. Beautiful pics! I think everyone is done with winter. Bring on spring!!!

    1. I hope Punxsutawney Phil was wrong with winter lasting 6 more weeks. Bring on spring indeed!


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