Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why I love thrift shops

We have this wonderful little thrift shop in town that I go to a lot. Either to donate or to buy clothes for Matt. The other day, I was going through all Matt's winter clothes (it has been getting chilly here in NH) and I noticed that he had hardly any long sleeve shirts. So I headed out to the thrift shop to see what they have.

Let's see if you can pick out which picture of clothes came from the thrift shop. Top picture has 2 polo's, 2 thermal shirts and a fleece sweatshirt. Second picture has a pair of thick camo pants, a sweater and 2 long sleeve t-shirts.

Cost of picture number one was $38.40. It is Walmart brand clothes except the fleece shirt. That is by Starter. Bottom picture cost me $8.00 and consists of L.L.Bean pants, a Walmart brand shirt and two named brand. As you can tell the thrift shop clothes are still in perfect condition and have no stains on them. Matt even noticed that the camo print on the pants is actually paw prints. I had no idea until I really looked at it. hehe.

I have no problem buying from thrift shops and even prefer it to a regular store. I hate spending a ton of money on clothes for Matt when he is going to grow out of them in a few months. I have also bought myself some really nice things at thrift shops too. Not to mention the money I spend there goes back into the community and helps other people.

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