Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Matt's Chore Chart

I have always tried different ways to gently remind my kids to do their chores. Matt is the one who loves lists. Like mother, like son. So I found, for free mind you, a chore chart system from Notebooking Nook that I love.

I printed out the sheets I would be using and used my handy laminator to laminate each sheet. After I did that, I cut out the cards and put velcro on the backs of each card (I didn't use all cards that were given like the tithes and prayer cards) and on the blank chart.


Then every night, after he has gone to bed, I add the chores he needs to do the next day. Each day is something different.


When he does a chore, he puts them in this cute little box I got. When I originally posted this over at Homesteadblogger, I was using money to get him to do his chores. At the time he hardly ever used the computer or other gaming systems that we have. Now, he is always on my computer when I am not, so I need to update it to earning time to use my computer. Probably like 10 minutes earned for every chore done.



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