Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cub Scout Bike Rodeo Round Up

This past Saturday Matt's Cub Scout troop gathered to recruit more kids to join Scouts by having a bike rodeo.

We had a Police Officer from out town come and talk to the kids about bike safety. We also had a station set up for bike check-ups and to talk about required gear for biking.

There were also some obstacle courses set up. One was where the kids had to weave in and out of cones to practice control and not speed. Another one was to stay in between two lines that get more narrow as it goes down. Of course Matt had to show off and go super fast while weaving between all the cones. He didn't miss any cones and one parent commented how he must ride his bike a lot. Matt lives on his bike.

Oh and I also got a picture of what looked like a butterfly on crack flying. It ended up being a Praying Mantis. Cool looking guy or girl more than likely. (the guys tend to loose their heads, literally, during mating.)

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