Thursday, March 31, 2011

Living with RA

For the past few months, the joints in my shoulders have been hurting me. I finally went and saw my DR. and she gave me some muscle relaxers and some exercises to do. Didn't really work. Then my hands started to hurt and swell up a ton.

After 2 months of that pain (I hate to see DR's, can't ya tell? hehe), I went back to her and she ordered a bunch of blood work because of my family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The very next day, she called me and said it was positive for RA. She referred me to a specialist and I called and set up an appointment to see him. (this all happened last week btw). The so called earliest appointment I could get was at the end of April on a freaking Saturday. Talk about inconvenient. The drive is 45 minutes away too.

So while I wait for this first appointment with the RA guy, I have been reading up about it online. I have all the symptoms that it lists, which I always thought were for something else. Like for instance, I am always tired. But I just thought it was because I get home from work at midnight and fall asleep around 2am or so only to wake up a million times a night because I am so sore. I know that didn't help and probably added to my fatigue.

I am also not sure if I even want to take any of the medications that are used to treat RA. The side effects alone are scary. Hopefully this doctor I see is open to a more natural treatment. I take enough medication for my asthma and rather not have any more chemicals in my body that will damage my liver.

I know that exercise is suppose to help, but honestly it hurts to move. My feet (well mostly my toes) hurt a ton every morning. I shuffle around the house like a little old lady (I am only 34 damn it!) and it takes a few hours to actually get them to bend so I can do anything that requires me on my feet.

Everyday chores take me forever. Shopping wears me out and driving hurts my hands and neck. I work 45 minutes away from where I live, so that drive is getting to me. The hubby thinks that I will be going out on disability soon. I highly doubt that. Come the end of the night, I can move better and my hands aren't so sore. Typing actually seems to make it better, if I do it in moderation.

Well, I am off to do some errands and chores.

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